Drew was only 19 years old when he tragically died in a motocross accident on March 11, 2006. He was a graduate of La Salle College High School and was in his freshman year at St. Joseph’s University, in Philadelphia.

     Drew was always very active in sports. Encouraged by his father, Drew participated in baseball, basketball and soccer during his elementary school years.  He played soccer for the Warrington Soccer Club for 10 years, and then participated in both soccer and crew at La Salle. His competitive spirit always shown on the field, but it was off the field where Drew's true sportsmanship was revealed. His coaches would describe Drew as dependable, positive, and a team player.

     Drew had a passion for anything mechanical. He built two computers for our home, and volunteered his time to refurbish computers and install networking systems for intercity locations, sponsored by La Salle. Drew worked part time while at St. Joe’s was working as a computer technician, where he traveled through campus assisting students and faculty with computer problems. Drew's first car was a Pontiac Grand Prix, which he almost completely disassembled and then reassembled. During his senior year, Drew tackled a huge task with his friends; they rebuilt a Nissan 240 with a new engine. He was very proud of this accomplishment- his first drift car! Drew also had a passion for riding motorcycles. Drew owned a few different motorcycles, many of which we heard of only after the fact! When we learned of his last motorcycle, a Honda CBR 600, which he bought while at St. Joe’s, we encouraged him to sell it in order to buy a new car. He agreed, and purchased a 325is BMW; another potential car for drifting. For us, Drew, cars, drifting, motorcycles, rebuilding engines, and computers all go hand in hand.  For this reason, our family invested in the Silvia S15 in Drew’s memory. Drew's friends continue his passion by continually working on the Silvia, and displaying it in car shows.

     During high school, Drew volunteered with his father at the St. Vincent’s soup kitchen in Philadelphia. This experience encouraged him to later volunteer at the Mother of Sorrow’s soup kitchen when he went to college. Drew enjoyed giving back to the community, and liked that it gave him a chance to meet people he may not have in his daily routine. Drew enjoyed cultivating relationships throughout his time here on earth. He was an extremely humble person and never had a negative word to say about anyone. As parents, we were exceptionally proud to call him our son. Not only did Drew enjoy meeting new people; he enjoyed lending a helping hand just as much. At home, Drew was the “go to” person in our lives. Whether we needed help fixing a computer, installing a garage door opener, getting a car checked, or simply moving a piece of furniture, we always waited for Drew to come home. He consistently helped without a complaint and always with a smile. His extended family describe Drew as a “modest and humble young man, who never boasted nor celebrated his accomplishments; whether rowing for La Salle, playing soccer or working as a computer technician at St. Joe’s. Drew strove to excel and to make a difference, not with a shout, but with a whisper.”  His sister, Heather, and his friends remember Drew as “having a contagious laugh…always smiling…making you feel like family…a brother away from home…someone to look up to…a once in a lifetime friend.”  Whether at La Salle College High School, St Joe’s or home with his family and friends, Drew reached and touched the hearts of so many wherever he went.

We believe that Drew’s spirit visits with all of us as he continues his adventures in eternal life.

Drew’s headstone reads, “Drew’s passion for life embodied the true meaning of selflessness, love, and friendship.”





Drew's passion for life embodied the true meaning
of selflessness, love and friendship.


- Drew Panettieri 11.27.86 - 3.11.06



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